Single-use Plastic

By Chua Xin Yu

Almost half of all plastics produced globally originates from Asia and the region is responsible for over 80 percent of plastic waste ending up in our oceans. I have joined a plugging event once during my high school. Litter picking or plugging might not seem like the most glamorous activity, but I think the perspective is changing. It is not just about looking after the environment, it is about getting out in the fresh air, socialising, and looking after your own well-being too. These are all great things to do. It is so satisfying when I find a piece of litter. I pick up plastic fizzy drink bottles, beer cans, polystyrene, cigarette packets, crisp packets, and chocolate bar wrappers. During a 40-minutes session, each of us can fill up to one bin bag. It is such a meaningful event as we can contribute to our earth.