Sustainable Development Goals at UCSI

By Divanirsh A/L Devindran

Throughout 3 years of my degree program, I was given opportunity to improve my knowledge on my field of study and taught on the importance of having a sustainable growth and development to create a better future for the upcoming generations. There are few initiatives taken by the university that allowed me to improve my awareness and knowledge on the importance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
Firstly, the infographics of SDG which can be found around the campus. The university ensured that are SDG materials were found in strategic locations to improve the awareness and knowledge among the students and employees. From the impact of this initiative on me, I will say that this was a well-planned strategy by the university as this initiative was one of the main factors that helped me to develop awareness and knowledge on this matter. Secondly, the programs conducted by the university. The university conducts events throughout the year covering 3 major elements of SDG. The strategy used by the university to attract more students was by providing free ELE points for the programs. At the beginning, I attended this event just for the ELE points provided. After attending events, I developed an interest in the direction of SDG and began to attend the talks to improve my knowledge. SDG: Permaculture, sustainable agriculture was one of the events I attended this year. Thirdly, implementing and promoting digitization among students. The university took course of action by reducing use of paper. I was very impressed with the management’s effort during the final exam to post the seating number of students in IIS rather than pasting it in front of exam hall. This made me believe we are moving in the right direction by being responsible in consumption and improving the convenience of the students.