Awareness on Climate Action

My SDG Story was related to the showcase I involved during my University Life course. It was my course assignment, but I enjoyed the showcase we have held together a lot. During that time, our group is responsible in spreading the awareness related to Goal 13 – Climate Change. We tried our best to educate the audience or participants about the history and actions that have been done by human in destroying and saving the Mother Earth. We also gave them quiz to test their understanding to make sure they were really listened to what we have delivered. We also give the participants to try a game that is analog to the climate change facing in the North Pole region. Although our group seems to be not as exciting as the other groups, but I believe all the participants who leave our group after listening to us would have the most knowledge about Goal 13 compared to the other groups, and that is what our main objective is – to educate the people on the climate change that are happening now in our Earth and to raise their awareness in the fact and concept of everyone can do a little small step in protecting our Mother Earth and when we gather all of our little efforts together, together we can shape a better environment and preserve this beautiful Earth in the future.

by Lim Teck Wei