Start Small for Environment

When I first learned about SDG, I took a course in university life in 2018. At that time, our assignment was also involved in the SDG event of the school. We were divided into 17 groups. Each group had a goal, and we did any activity or game related to the goal to let people know about it. I’m in the 16th group and our topic was PEACE JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS. This was the first time I joined other students as the event organizer, and it had  given me a  different experience that made  me understand SDG better. Also after this incident, I began to pay more attention to protecting the environment and reducing the use of plastic products and disposable products. At the same time, I also call on my friends to pay attention to environmental protection and garbage classification, such as going to the supermarket with their own reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags, packing food with their own reusable crisper and so on. I think everyone can start from the small things in life, little by little to develop a good habit of caring for the environment.

by – Guo Yueyan